CEFM investment partners are Qualified Investors who want both wealth preservation and wealth enhancement. They continue to be apprehensive about the state of the economy. They recognize that it is going to take a non-conventional, yet conservative investment approach to achieve their investment goals.

What our investors look for the most in an investment product is something that:

  • Can be trusted and is well-managed with a proven track record and,
  • Has the most likely chance of providing inflation-defying, high-yield income along withgreatly mitigated risk.

    In their minds-eye our partner-investors see it as an extra benefit when their investment also presents numerous tax deduction advantages that essentially increase their returns rather than having their investment income reduced by high taxes.

    The Oil & Natural Gas Investor is Concerned About:

  • U.S. currency devaluation.
  • Global recession.
  • Ramifications of Global “Peak Oil”.
  • Recovery from the Sub-prime mortgage-induced financial meltdown.
  • Government takeover of Big Banks and two of three U.S. auto companies.
  • An impending Commercial Real Estate market collapse.
  • Continuing high U.S. unemployment.
  • Out-of-control U.S. Government spending that most likely will ultimately lead to huge taxincreases and high inflation rates, and quite possibly hyperinflation.
  • Treasury Bonds losing value as interest rates inevitably rise.
  • Traditionally secure Corporate Bonds and Class A stocks being wiped out due to the growingnumber of bankruptcies.
  • The already speculative Stock Market becoming increasingly volatile.
  • REITs and Equipment Leasing Trusts, that are dependent on debt financing, slashing dividends.
  • Retirement and Pension plans hugely underfunded.
  • Many States and Municipalities on the cusp of default.
  • Policymakers’ hyperactive efforts to keep the global financial system and economy afloat maybe setting the stage for new blowups in years to come.

    Owning a Successfully Managed Portfolio of
    Oil and Gas Wells Can Put the Investor’s Mind at Ease by Providing:

  • Second-to-none portfolio management that can be trusted.
  • An excellent hedge against inflation, recession, ordepression.
  • Wealth creation through reserves discovery.
  • Monthly income from production.
  • Significant tax advantages.

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