If the major oil companies are making record profits, why can’t YOU?


Certainly you have thought, sometime, of investing in oil and gas wells in order to share in the great wealth the majors have enjoyed over the years. Or you may have wondered whether it is even possible for you to profit from $40, $50, or $60 per barrel oil just like the majors have obviously been able to accomplish over the years.

Perhaps you or someone you know were approached by a telephone “boiler-room” oil broker who tried to convince you that sinking $50,000, $100,000 or more into a single highly risky well could make you very rich.

Then, on top of that, the very same broker may have attempted to convince you to invest in a couple of sure-fire “offsets” before you even realized that you had lost most of your hard-earned money on well #1 in which case you resolved never to invest in an oil and gas venture again.

Or maybe you were just plain skeptical (and justifiably so) of the message and the messenger.

In any case, you keep seeing record wealth being created by the major oil companies and wish there could be a way for you to be as lucky as they are……Or maybe you decide to just buy their stock and hope it goes up!

But, “Hold on a minute… the majors really can’t be that lucky,” you tell yourself. “Maybe it’s just that they can afford to diversify into scores, and even hundreds of wells.”

“At $25,000 per well I would have to be a billionaire several times over to play in this big boy’s game,” you think.

“Oh, if only I could spread my investment allocation over lots of wells just like the majors do…Oh well, that’ll never happen,” you muse.

And you’d be absolutely correct…in the age-old, traditional way of oil and gas investing.


But CEFM has a better way! Now YOU can build wealth just like the majors!

*Assumes a 30% tax bracket and values remaining reserves at $50 per barrel of oil and $5 per MCF of gas. Past performance does not guarantee future results. A full set of assumptions used in our IRR calculations is available upon request.

Individual investors can now potentially invest just like the majors


Investing $1,000 in each of the 121 wells recommended by our Principal Geologist from 2002 to 2010 realized an Internal Rate of return (IRR) of
31.7% per annum


There are significant risks associated with investing in Oil and Gas Ventures. This is not a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell any securities. Any such solicitation or offer will only be made through a private placement memorandum in accordance with Regulation D Rule 506. A thorough discussion of Tax Benefits and Risk Factors associated with this kind of investment are contained within the Private Placement Memorandum.


Invest Just Like the Majors

It’s a fact that exploratory oil and gas drilling results in a number of dry holes. Of the 121 wells recommended by our Principal Geologist, 42 (35%) were dry holes. Nevertheless, investing via CEFM’s innovative, paradigm-shifting strategy would have provided an IRR in excess of 30% (tax-weighted) by structuring highly diversified portfolios with fractional ownership interests spread equally across all of its high-impact oil and natural gas wells.

To consistently build wealth by investing in oil and gas wells one must: (1) be constantly vigilant in research and analysis of prospective opportunities and the operators, (2) fund a LOT of wells, and (3) spread as equally as possible the investment in each well. CEFM’s well portfolio funds, finally, make all of this possible. You can have YOUR VERY OWN OIL COMPANY expertly and professionally managed by Clarke Energy Fund Management, LLC.

Check out the differences between CEFM and the “Traditional” (Old) Way

CEFM Partnership Fund

Dozens of Wells in Portfolio Ultra-diversification
No Undisclosed Fees
Robust Historical Returns
Statistically Minimized Risk
One-time subscription document
Expert 3rd-Party Prospect Evaluation
Full Disclosure/Transparency
CEFM Power-of-Attorney to Execute all documents No Cash Call Worries
Efficient, Synergistic Portfolio Administration Investment Capital Begins Working on Day1 Potentially Unprecedented Internal Rates of Return Experienced and Trusted Portfolio Management A Single Consolidated Year-End Tax Report Private Placement only through CEFM
No sales commission markups

Traditional (Old) Way

Investing in 1 Well Project at a Time Insufficient Diversification
Undisclosed Fees Abound [Padded drilling Budgets] Unsatisfactory Returns
Huge Risks
Subscription required for each well
Well Selection Limited to “What’s Available” Generally Poor Communications
Investor Burdened with Myriads of “Paperwork” Unexpected Cost Overruns & Cash Calls
Well Investment Oversight is VERY Time-consuming 100% of Investment Considered Spent on Day1

18% Probability You Won’t Even Get Your Money Back Trustworthy Promoters & Operators are Rare Finds Multiple Year-End Tax Reports-one per Well

Often sold by unlicensed brokers 15-40%+ commission markups


Global Demand for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Portend Extraordinary Future Profits and Wealth Accummulations


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Important Notice:
Information is limited to the capabilities CEFM offers as originator and administrator of Private Placement Offerings and is not a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell any securities. Such solicitation or offer will only be made to qualified Sophisticated or Accredited Investors via confidential Private Placement Memorandum in accordance with SEC Regulation D, Rule 506.

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