1. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with how our investment program works by reviewing the information provided on this website.
  2. Request a copy of the Private Placement Memorandum and Partnership Agreement and review.
  3.  Be sure you get answers to any and all questions you have about investing in Energy Partner Fund-IX.
  4. Plan on investing discretionary funds only.
  5. Provide 3rd party verification that you are an Accredited Investor.
  6. Return to CEFM an executed set of subscription documents.

Note: Clarke Energy Fund Management as Managing General Partner will adhere to the suitability standards imposed by SEC Rule 506 of Regulation D in evaluating potential investors.  Accordingly, participation as a Partner will be limited to only those persons who represent that they are willing and able to assume the risk of a highly speculative investment of limited liquidity.  The foregoing requirements are only minimum suitability standards, and the satisfaction of those standards by an investor does not necessarily indicate that an investment in the Units is suitable for such person.  The Managing General Partner has complete discretion in determining whether or not to accept any particular subscription.

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Important Notice:
Information is limited to the capabilities CEFM offers as originator and administrator of Private Placement Offerings and is not a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell any securities. Such solicitation or offer will only be made to qualified Sophisticated or Accredited Investors via confidential Private Placement Memorandum in accordance with SEC Regulation D, Rule 506.

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