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There’s a right and wrong way to do anything

Typically the only way made available to the novice oil and gas investor to invest is, quite frankly, done the wrong way. And this wrong way approach, more likely than not, leads to disastrous results. You may have experienced the effect of taking the wrong approach yourself or you may have heard of someone that has had a less than stellar experience investing in wells the wrong way. But there is the tried and proven “Right Way” of well investment that mimics the successful big name energy companies.

Only by investing the “Right Way” can the oil and natural gas well investor even come close to achieving 30% annual net returns through payback and doubling their money in 5 years.

Let Clarke Energy Fund Management give you access to the proven and rewarding Right Way of well investing.

What we REALLY WANT from our investments are positive results!

The Clarke Energy Group-Fund, (“CEG-Fund”) consisting of 2006 and older oil and natural gas well working interest holdings returned +21.1% of net revenue from production during 2008! The tax-weighted return for Virginia Accredited Investor partners was greater than 30%.

In 2008 the CEG-Fund out-performed:
• Gold bullion by 17.3%
• Silver bullion by 19.5%
• The U.S. commercial real estate market EDT values by 33.3% • The average 20-city U.S. National Home Price by 39.6%

• The average hedge fund by 39.7%
• The S&P 500 by 58.1%
• The average US domestic equity mutual fund by 58.7% • The average sector mutual fund by 60.8%
• The average international equity mutual fund 66.8%
• The average China mutual fund by 73.8%
• The average Latin America mutual fund by 78.4%

Acquired in September 2009 the COGP production package during just the 4th Quarter of 2009 provided

investors with a net return of 10.5%; annualized to 41.9%/yr! Even more remarkable, these results were achieved from wellhead market prices that averaged only $3.16/mcfg and $72.06/bbl. As of January 16, 2010 natural gas was selling for $5.83/mcf and crude oil was $78.00/bbl. With these trends the COGP Production Package is destined for even higher returns in 2010, portending greater investor-partner

The Bottom Line: Investment in oil and natural gas working interests generates cash flow and is an excellent equity hedge against inflation. Diversifying across dozens of only the best available prospects mitigates risk and facilitates excellent investment performance.


If Clarke Energy Management Fund could give you a chance at results like this, what would stop you from getting involved right away?

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