General Advantages of Oil and Gas Investing

• COMMODITIES HAVE INTRINSIC VALUE: Crude oil and natural gas have value just like gold, platinum, and silver so they make an excellent hedge against inflation, recession, or depression.

• GROWING GLOBAL DEMAND: Since there is growing global demand for these finite energy resources there will continue to be substantial upward pressure on energy prices in the future.

• KNOWING WHAT YOU HAVE: Once a well is brought into production you know what you have. You don’t have to speculate like you do with stock investments.

• OWNERSHIP: Ownership of well Working Interests means that you own the rights to not only the actual production, but also an equal portion of behind-the-pipe reserves, or what we like to refer to as wealth. Through the years we have acquired Working Interests in many wells with reserves of 5+ times net ROI; some even have a projected net ROI-potential of 10 Xs or more from recoverable reserves.

• TAX ADVANTAGES: Each well is an independent business unit. Tax deductions can be as much as 200% of the initial cost to drill and complete the well. These deductions can contribute throughout payback 15% or more depending on tax bracket and state of residence.

• US ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: We are doing our part to help move the US towards energy independence by increasing domestic production.

• PUTTING AMERICA BACK TO WORK: Multimillion dollar well projects create numerous jobs that are so sorely needed by our economy right now. “It’s the patriotic thing to do!”

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